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AYA attn Gackt (Canteen)

AYA caught the bag of candy that was thrown at him as Gackt sat down at their table. He turned it over to reveal that Gackt had picked one of his favourite brands of candy.Good choice he thought.

As he opened the small bag, AYA-kun said,"Well, how about we talk about you."

He trapped a small,round piece of candy between his thumb and forefinger as he continued.

"Do you know a lot of people around here? I transferred a few days ago, so I don't realli know anyone." He said solemnly.

He wished he had more friends; the pink-haired boy was so timid that he had trouble talking to people, especilly because he was fairly new. At his old school, he was outgoing and had a group of buddies whom he played baseball with. AYA loved baseball almost as much as he loved guitar...
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