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Mana attn Lesson 4 (Guitar)

As much as he liked learning new English words, it did become quite a tedious subject. In particular when it came to the technicalities of the language. The feminine boy wasn't necessarily bad at it, since his Japanese was much more elevated than most his age. There were just so many rules to follow when composing those interesting words that he wasn't exactly the best at pronouncing.

Now it was time for one of his, if not the, favorite classes: guitar. He had grown up on Bach and Mozart but he had a burning passion for rock and metal, which is one of the reason he took up the instrument. He would imagine guitar class being the most populated since it seemed the most popular. And he was right. He approached the door and peeked inside to see most of the seats taken, one specifically by Kaoru. To his fortune there was an available seat to his new acquaintence which he promptly took before anyone else could.
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