haidobehind (haidobehind) wrote in jrockhighschool,

Subject: Psychology, lesson 3
Attn: Anyone

Hyde stepped into the class room. He was surprised he had been able to find it in one go -- usually he was a bit chaotic when it came to finding his way but the order of the class rooms here made at least some sense, even to him. He nodded at the teacher as a greeting and picked a place somewhere at the side of the class room. When he had settled there, he looked around. Since he was a bit early for his class, not wanting to come late on his first day, there were only a few people present yet.

Well, technically it was his first class, anyway. Because it was his first day, he had decided to take it a bit easy and only go to a couple of classes. He knew nobody here, and he figured he'd need some time to get used to things. But it seemed like a nice place around here. He softly tapped his fingers on the table before him.
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