Gackt Camui (gacktness) wrote in jrockhighschool,
Gackt Camui

[Subject] Gackt show's AYA around town
[attn] AYA please (any others who wanna join in feel free to)

Gackt looked once more at the watch on his wrist. 4.29pm. Well, he had got there early. Fifteen minutes early to be precise. Well he didn't want to keep AYA waiting.

He had decided to wear his favourite tight leather pants and a white vest top. His hair was in a floppy style, half falling in his eyes, which were icy blue, thanks to his contact lenses. He smelled faintly of Tommy Hilfiger. Pushing himself from the gates, he glanced around to see if he could see AYA anywhere. He wouldn't be able to miss that pink hair anywhere.
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