Miyavi (miyavi_rock) wrote in jrockhighschool,

[Subject] Room 104

[Attn] anyone

SHIT! He thought to himself as he was running down the hall toward his assigned room. Miyavi let out an annoyed sigh as he opened the door to his room. "104.." he said as he looked down at a piece of paper to make sure it was the right room. Raising his eyebrows, Miyavi jumped into the room. "Ah! Here we go." Myv shrugged his shoulders and tilted his head left to right. Damn baggage he thought as he kicked all of his bags out of the way.

Now that he made some free space, he saw an empty bed and thew all of his junk on there. "Let's see.." he said as he clicked his tongue, trying to sort out everything. He placed his guitars under the bed for now. His clothes were thrown into the empty shelf in the dresser. The rest of his stuff went in random places around his bed. Miyavi stopped and looked at his watch. Ugh....Class....BOO. He shifted his weight and slugishly went to the dresser and took out his uniform. He looked at it with dissapointment. "This thing is....it..er..ah well" he said as he began changing, keeping in mind that his first class begins in less than 20 minutes. He wasn't really in the mood for singing... he was hungry T.T.
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