Yunxei (rolinia_87) wrote in jrockhighschool,

Somebody stole my crayons!

Title: Somebody stole my crayons!
Genre: Comedy
Rated: PG near PG-13
Summary: Kyo's upset because someone took his crayons. Can Dir en grey, Miyavi, An Cafe, Gazette, Yoshiki, Gackt and Mana help out?

Kyo: Hey you...yea you
Miyavi: ...Who me?
Kyo: Yea you look like a good person to start a perverted conversation with.
Miyavi: -smiles- 'I knew that lip piercing would good me new friends XP'
Kyo: Bring your chubby ass over here
Miyavi: Otay -skips over there-
Kyo: Look I found these things on the can have one if you want -holds up his hands with candy-looking things in his palms-
Miyavi: -Reaches for one-
Kyo: Hey! HEY! Put the blue one down!!!

tbc I need sleep x_x;
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