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AYA attn. Gackt (Canteen)

AYA couldn't help but feel embarassed when Gackt asked him who he'd met at this school, because Gackt realli was the 1st.

Turning that particular shade of pink once again, AYA decided to fib just a bit,"Well I've said 'hi' to a few people, you know...but you're the 1st person I've actually had a full conversation with."

Whilst his new friend wiped off his fingers, the pink haired boy took another sphere-shaped piece of candy out of its bag and popped it into his mouth. After chewing it a few times, he swallowed it and blurted out,"Well I'm quite a shy person unless I'm around friends. I realli like baseball and I play guitar. That's pretty much it."

"Do you want one?" AYA inquired, motioning toward his bag of candy. He grinned. He just couldn't help it sometimes...

((OOC: I'm so sorry! I've had a crazy week with school ending and all
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